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About Writing Chapter 3 of Charlie's Headspace series

This morning - we've started writing Chapter 3 of Charlie's headspace (we need to find a title other than Charlie's headspace)...it got our memory jogged a bit. In the next part -which should get completed/posted sometimes this weekend...will give out more hints about the structure of our system.

  1. System was pretty large at that time - you'll see how large it was
  2. More blending/blurry between actual fronters and soulbonds at this time
  3. Family moved closer together within houses off the same street

#3 is something I've forgotten about - truthfully if there's a member that's responsible for the system structure - it'd be me.  So in the next part, you'll see how everyone in several distinct groups converged. Charlie was actually starting to split off/remove himself from Jack's group with his own forming about this time.  But this period of time is when we were all in one group, within the same system.  A few years later is when everyone was organized/categorized within three groups (until Alex came along as being part of the fourth group until Jack's group folded).

So, you'll see more system structure taking place and a lot of backstory about all of us, not just Charlie.

Then the gaps will start - this is because Charlie was a busy frontrunner in 1983-84 and then the seriously intense stuff in his headspace really starts in 1984. (he'll flip back in time starting that year - but it's hard to explain, you'll just have to read it when it's posted)

Well (looks at the clock) we should jet - need to get ready.

We'll be at the office today - ugh...but we may leave a bit early, due to it being slow.