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We are Many and the Few. We started off as Soulbonds, there's Michael, Wendy, John, Peter & Mary. Now there's only Michael & Mary. If their names seem familiar its' because they came out of Peter Pan.  They no longer consider Peter Pan as their cannon/verse - after 30 years from where they came from.  They came from a large family, William & Ilene as the Grandparents, and then 5 identical twin sisters, only several names we can remember of: Lisa & Irene.  It's a complicated tree, gone through many merges throughout the years and with some disappearing and then re-appearing years later.

One system member, Charles (Charlie) does have his own DW account - feel free to friend him, he posts fairly often --> [personal profile] worldofcharlie 

About Wendy )

Michael )

About Charlie )

About Alex )

About Carrie )

I hope you enjoyed our brief Introduction to our system.. We will update this again soon.  Sorry this was so brief.

FYI - We do not post to this account often, if you're expecting a lot of activity from it (I would get upset if you dropped this account due to this --Carrie--)

--Wendy & the rest of us--
We sort of have a layout - just that Charlie didn't size the banner long enough - probably needed to be 800 and not 773 or whatever it is right now.  The blue background doesn't match the blue on the banner exactly but placing a border around the banner kind of makes it go away - so it looks like it's the exact shade of blue *hee hee*.

Only thing I don't like - is the fact that the Navigation strip cuts into the border a bit, Maybe we could increase the height and it'll move it down a bit.

It's just very ...blue?

We need to fix our filters/icons since we imported everything over from Live Journal, so if we cross-post -icons, filters, friend groups will come across.

Charlie's brain is a bit fried from doing that massive wedding album project.  Now I really want him to change his UGLY DW journal background, too much ORANGE FOR GOODNESS SAKES!!

*waves to everyone*...

Now that we figured out how to do the banner thingy - might want to fix our LJ layout - I'm not happy with it.

*is hungry now*

Ok I'm NOT happy with this color..it's too bright/loud..

How does one put a picture as the header?? I've seen several folks that are able to do this and so far...haven't figured out how...

*gonna play around with this some more and not let Charles or Michael interfere*



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