Well, as promised here's Chapter 5, I think I've already warned folks about this next one. I spent some time with Charlie about this entry after myself & Carrie finished writing it. I still stand by not censuring it, and it's not as bad as Charlie thinks it is. And well, you'll understand why - this is being included as part of the storytelling as we go on. (there are no accidents in verseworld)

FYI - if you're wondering if all of the sex in this series will be consensual, um...no - I'll try not to make that stuff graphic when the time comes. That stuff isn't triggering to me, however it tends to be triggering to Alex, but he's actually gone through this process in his own verse (and trust me it's far more severe than what this'll ever be).

As always - I'll provide links to the previous four chapters:

http://go2neverland.livejournal.com/9184.html chapter 1
http://go2neverland.livejournal.com/9926.html chapter 2
http://go2neverland.livejournal.com/10531.html chapter 3
http://go2neverland.livejournal.com/11006.html chapter 4

I'll put this behind cuts as usual and um...read at your own discretion.


Chapter 5 - contains sexual themes/some graphic sex )

Comments are appreciated...You may not see chapter 6/7 until later this weekend, so take your time reading the first 5 :)

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Well chapter 5 is completed. This is the thing - this is the chapter when things start getting intense. This next section will probably contain some M/M sex (Charlie tends to write stuff more graphic than this, but it's enough). It does contain consensual sex, but however one individual's 14 and the other's about 18.

Charlie: I kind of want to say first off - about the sex, I don't condone having sex with minors/children. This is stuff I'm pretty hesitant to write about personally, which is why I'm not writing this.  Besides if anyone did this to my kid, I'd cut his balls off. (Yes I would).

Michael: I feel it's important not to censure any of this, because this stuffs important, even if it doesn't necessarily put him in the best light. We'll just post trigger warnings if we think it'll get too graphic. The story's really flowing well, and I think I know what to do with the gaps coming up soon. Also keep in mind this is Headspace and this stuff has never (we hope anyways) happened to the body.

I wanted to give everyone heads up.

--Michael & Charlie

I didn't think we'd finish Chapter 4 this quickly but we did, it's about 6 pages, it's either really long or short, depending on your take on it.  Right now, we're going to hit a couple of brick walls, since the first gap starts between this chapter and chapter 5, so we're going to have this as the stopping point and then skip over 6 months to the following year. 

Don't worry, we'll fill you in what's going to happen between that time (some big stuff, but mostly blanks which is why we're not writing it).  Also, particularly in 1983 until 1984 - Charlie basically spent a lot of time out front battling stuff.  It'll get interesting towards the end of 1984, and the main theme of the story starts.

FYI - after this chapter - may need to post trigger warnings - it'll start getting dicey and frankly I'm not sure if how comfortable Charlie will be about it being posted, but you know this is the reason why he's not writing it.

Any case the links to the previous three chapters - please go to this entry --> Links to ch 1 & 2 plus Ch 3 entry

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Chapter 4 )

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Here's Chapter 3 of Charlie's headspace series, I really don't know how many folks have been reading this at all (haven't received any comments to the effect) I'm just thinking that everyone's busy from the holiday hangover and all.

But here it is - I'll put this behind a cut - it's about 6 pages (copying & pasting this from microsoft word)

I think Chapter 4 the intensity will probably go up a few notches and that's when the gaps start (Charlie was fronting more and I was fronting less)

If you want to read Ch 1 & 2 please go here-->

Ch 1 ->  http://go2neverland.livejournal.com/9184.html
Ch 2 -> http://go2neverland.livejournal.com/9926.html

Chapter 3 - it's long )

Well did this leave you dangling? I hope it did..until next installment.. :)


This morning - we've started writing Chapter 3 of Charlie's headspace (we need to find a title other than Charlie's headspace)...it got our memory jogged a bit. In the next part -which should get completed/posted sometimes this weekend...will give out more hints about the structure of our system.

  1. System was pretty large at that time - you'll see how large it was
  2. More blending/blurry between actual fronters and soulbonds at this time
  3. Family moved closer together within houses off the same street

#3 is something I've forgotten about - truthfully if there's a member that's responsible for the system structure - it'd be me.  So in the next part, you'll see how everyone in several distinct groups converged. Charlie was actually starting to split off/remove himself from Jack's group with his own forming about this time.  But this period of time is when we were all in one group, within the same system.  A few years later is when everyone was organized/categorized within three groups (until Alex came along as being part of the fourth group until Jack's group folded).

So, you'll see more system structure taking place and a lot of backstory about all of us, not just Charlie.

Then the gaps will start - this is because Charlie was a busy frontrunner in 1983-84 and then the seriously intense stuff in his headspace really starts in 1984. (he'll flip back in time starting that year - but it's hard to explain, you'll just have to read it when it's posted)

Well (looks at the clock) we should jet - need to get ready.

We'll be at the office today - ugh...but we may leave a bit early, due to it being slow.


Hiya - as promised - I'm posting part II/Chapter 2 of Charlie's headspace series - I'm just now thinking this does need a darn ass title, but we suck at naming things (this is why we have multiple Johns, Michaels, Jims, in our system.

But anyways - you might want to read the first part - should be read in order.


Here's the second chapter - it's a tad bit longer than Chapter 1, but in any case - enjoy

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Chapter Two )
Hi - I just wanted to post part I/Chapter 1 of Headspace series for Charlie. The entire collective's writing this. Sorry if it needs editing -might be some run on sentences here and there.

Next section should be longer - so we're going to post behind cuts below.

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Chapter 1 - behind cuts because it's long )

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