We are Many and the Few. We started off as Soulbonds, there's Michael, Wendy, John, Peter & Mary. Now there's only Michael & Mary. If their names seem familiar its' because they came out of Peter Pan.  They no longer consider Peter Pan as their cannon/verse - after 30 years from where they came from.  They came from a large family, William & Ilene as the Grandparents, and then 5 identical twin sisters, only several names we can remember of: Lisa & Irene.  It's a complicated tree, gone through many merges throughout the years and with some disappearing and then re-appearing years later.

One system member, Charles (Charlie) does have his own DW account - feel free to friend him, he posts fairly often --> [personal profile] worldofcharlie 

         WENDY - These are her two favorite Icons she likes to use, she has more of them, but these are two favorites.  She was once friend to Peter Pan, but has grown up since then.  She originally was much like that Wendy from Peter Pan, but since her twin sister, Mary merged with her - she's more like Mary.  Wendy can be a nurturer but has a wild streak and is the only one that calls "Charles".  She does have a slight British Accent.

 Michael usually uses this as his icon and Charlie keeps promising to make him one *sighs*, so far he hasn't delivered.  Michael's now a blend between John & Michael from Peter Pan, he looks more like John, he's recently complained about looking too much like Harry Potter that he decided to stop wearing glasses altogether.  He's one of the earliest known headmates.  He's the one that had most difficulty dealing with gender & sexual identity.

 Charlie typically uses this icon (he's getting tired of it) - he's never seen the show Cowboy Bebop (he will probably watch it online eventually).  He's also a main fronter - he tends to be bitter, angry but funny in a way that no one else is in the system.  He's currently learning how to manage his anger, make friends and keep from trying to kill Alex Jr.

    Alex Jr - he has another icon but we're too lazy to re-size it right now.  He's the "creepy" one in our system.. Charlie doesn't like him very much and yet finds himself somewhat attracted to him.  There's more than one Alex - he's the main Alex, he has a grown son Alex I, who doesn't front often.  His group is the most documented group in our system and yet he's very mysterious.  He tends to talk/write in riddles, and probably considered to be the most damaged one in our system.

Carries PictureThere's Carrie Main fronter 80% of the time - we're too lazy to re-size her icon (we will do this another time) she occupies the body, the one that holds us all together.

I hope you enjoyed our brief Introduction to our system.. We will update this again soon.  Sorry this was so brief.

FYI - We do not post to this account often, if you're expecting a lot of activity from it (I would get upset if you dropped this account due to this --Carrie--)

--Wendy & the rest of us--
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