Okay [personal profile] worldofcharlie /[livejournal.com profile] worldofcharlie thinks he's cute with the "Marco.." polo thing..

I'm still alive, I don't think I've touched my personal LJ in a couple of years..well maybe at least one year, not sure seems like forever.

Been working, but my job is coming to an end, doesn't look like my contract will get extended...I just feel very demoralized, that I'm in worse shape far as being marketable to potential employers than I was before I started this job.

I hate my co-worker, she did a lot of power grabs, was very insecure about her job and constantly treated me like dirt and my boss went along with it. Good news is that corporate office hated her more than I do and only bright shining start is that I was able to keep busy working for other project managers.

Only new skill I picked up was sharepoint - but I felt like I have nothing to show for on my own resume, except "my title was project coordinator but I was really an expensive secretary"

Do I feel kind of angry? Yes, I do..I interviewed twice for this position and I was treated pretty badly I seem to attract workplace bullies and I'm not sure if I can or should use my project manager as a reference cause my evil co-worker has him wrapped around her fingers. she's not well liked except by him and I think he wanted me to replace her originally...she wasn't working out but she fought to NOT let go of any of her duties.

Well his boss can see (I know it's been brought up) that she puts in a lot of overtime and I put in "0", that tells you something's really wrong, but I did my CYA months ago, about the workload not being balanced.

But it might not matter when I interview for my next job which I'm not sure I can do anymore.. :(

Next several weekends I'll be working 12-15 shifts for the last Go-Live, they're actually suggesting I stay in a hotel this time, due to my shifts being kind of brutal (and I know nothing about the building or users that I'll be supporting during the Go-Live).

Enough of that stuff, we'll be back online, starting May... I think Charlie's really missed everyone...I miss having some space to ourselves on the internet..



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