Yeah...I'm finally posting to this new journal..still trying to get used to it.  It's better than Live Journal with some things, but we can't really use semagic with our accounts yet - since our accounts here have the same names as the ones in Live Journal.  We we thought at the time it'd make it easier for other folks to friend us.

Right now - I don't think Carrie plans to create a singlet journal here - probably because she doesn't post to her own LJ account often anymore like she once did before Charlie burst onto the scene as a "I am god frontrunner" status again *gives him a look and decides against poking him*.

So, I'll see where Dreamwidth goes - Carrie bought us 6 months as a paid account - whereas Charlie gets an entire year.  I know..he's special.

But if he doesn't get space - he'll get triggered into something - and I'd rather have him hogging internet space than have that (when he's triggered - these things do NOT end well)

Charlie's a bit envious of our profile - well dude, fix up yours!! *ready to poke him*.

*sighs*.  I think we're going to quit doing the photoshop stuff with Carrie's wedding photos - I think we're going to hit heavily on it tomorrow since we don't have stuff going on.

And err - welcome to this Journal..

Anyone out there that's really good with DW (I know it's still new but...)

We really liked our background layout on our LJ account - but I can't find the option where you can put in the photobucket URL...

Is this a feature or no??? Just wondering..


We’re doing a test post using Windows Live Writer, not use if everyone will like this.  We’re having issues using semagic for both LJ & Dreamwidth, primarily because we use the same names for both journal services. (we’d have to log out, change servers and re-blog and can’t x-post)

But anyways, let’s see if this’ll work..




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