Hey - it's me Michael - this is my answers for this week's topic on [livejournal.com profile] plural_writers - this mostly pertains to me, but doesn't exclude Carrie or anyone else in our system

  1. where is your favorite place to write? (inside, out of doors, is there a certain room you like, etc) I enjoy being downstairs at our desk, where everything I need is there, but it's cold to be downstairs right now.
  2. where's your least favorite place to write? Where we're currently doing most of it, upstairs, at the coffee table and sitting in our IKEA chair, it's just not great for the back and not 100% comfortable.  Being on the couch with the laptop on our laps is better
  3. Are you easily distracted when you write, or can you tune stuff out and keep plugging along? We're kind of ADD, I used to really enjoy listening to classical music or write inside the cabin of our boat, the waves are kind of soothing (yes we don't get seasick).  It's our quiet time, probably the only time you'll see us quiet ever.
  4. Do you have the urge to slap someone silly who inadvertently distracts you? (whether or not they know what you're up to) Charlie, more than likely, his brain sometimes goes to places I don't really want the story go, but he's also a good devil's advocate, I like traditional endings, he wants to do something different.
  5. Are there times when people co-run to write, and can you tell the difference between when this does and doesn't happen? We usually co-run/co-front while writing, Carrie and Charlie like intenseness, Carrie's more into soap opera-ish plots, I enjoy adventurous anything and we all know that Charlie likes smut (which I'm not fond of). Used to be the only way you could tell the difference is by our handwriting, Charlie's the only one that'll write in 1st person.  Carrie's and Charlie's writing styles are very different, Charlie tends to write the way he speaks, she doesn't.


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