As usual I'm providing links to the past 5 chapters:   chapter 1  chapter 2 chapter 3 chapter 4 chapter 5

Read all five first - and the usual disclaimer applies for Chapter 5 throughout the entire series - might be triggering or at least enough adult/sexual content in there that could potentially make you say "ick". (well I'm saying it so there *sticks out tongue at Charlie*). I'll try my best in tying together the gaps - the next two chapter will probably have some.

Mid-December, 1983

It was back to business as usual, back to school in the fall for Charlie. Time seemed to whiz by from September until Christmas, with him spending more time with Carrie and Stevie.  He didn't have any guy friends and became more distant from his older brother Toby, whom he barely knew and George.  He'd figured at this point, they've worked up enough animosity towards him.

"Rumor has it, there's another kid coming out of the woodwork,"Toby announced to Charlie, George, Trisha, Carrie & Stevie at Morty's Diner after school.  "It's amazing what happens when your bedroom's conveniently located next door to Dad's."  Charlie shook his head, seemed like every day he'd hear about middle-of-the-night conversations between his parents from Toby.

"He's that much older?" Trisha asked him, "That make our dad like 13 when he was born or something." Charlie caught her snorting as she laughed before he drank his pepsi.

"I'm officially the oldest," Toby beamed as he said the very last sentence.

"Oh I'm sure we'll be reminded of that every stinking bloody day.  So Toby, you seem so sure that you're the oldest, what makes you think you are anyways?" Charlie asked him, wanting to throw some doubt and chaos into the conversation.  What he said had plenty of sarcasm in it, he just wanted to push his buttons and remind him that he won't be numero uno much longer.  Besides, how many girls did dad screw anyways? I know it was the 60's and all, but fuck... didn't think 14 years old kid had that much difficulty with zipping their own bloody pants. He continued to eat his hamburger and ignored Toby for the remainder of the time there.  Stevie's dad picked everyone up and took them home in his blue chevy mini-van.

Carrie was dropped off at Charlie's house, and to his surprise, his parents weren't home.

"Woo, awesome they're not here, you know what that means!" Toby exclaimed.

"I want no fucking part of your evil plans to trash the house. Besides, they'll be home tonight, so I wouldn't be making huge plans, just yet," Charlie said before he and Carrie went upstairs to his room. It was nice having her in his room, without worrying about his parents being around.  He really wanted to kiss her, but he knew she tended to be cautious with boys, being that she started puberty at such a young age.

"So, what now?" Carrie asked him.

"Your birthday's coming up soon, so what you want me to get you?" Charlie asked her about her upcoming birthday the following month. She just smiled at him and he smiled back.

They both sat at the edge of his bed, his face leaned towards hers before his lips met hers.  If she only knew how long I've wanted to kiss her, Charlie thought after the kiss was over and judging from her smile, the feeling was mutual.  He held her hand and kissed her again, longer this time and before he knew it, he was on top as his lips danced with hers. He enjoyed feeling the tightness of her jeans up against his. He'd stop for a few moments and nibble on her neck, he knew she was sensitive around her ears. He felt her heart beat faster and enjoyed hearing her rapid breathing.

Then suddenly she pushed him off, as if she was triggered by something.

"Are you okay?" He asked her, calmly.

"I don't know, I just can't. Sorry," she apologized to him as she laid down sideways next to him as she pulled her shoulder length hair back. Not only he'd forgotten that she's only thirteen years old, that this wasn't unfamiliar territory for him. 

"There's nothing to apologize for.  We can take it however pace you want it to be, have plenty of time," He told her softly.

"I know you're not exactly a virgin, and I'm pretty you know."

"Don't fucking compare yourself to me, trust me, you don't want my life.  I'd never ask you to do anything you don't want to do. You can tell me everything, you know that?"

"Yeah, I know. Can I ask you a question?"


"You haven't talked about what happened in rehab. I've heard rumors and stuff, why did you leave?"

"I screwed around with the wrong person, that's all," He left it at that.  There were some things he could tell her, but not this.

"What happened to you in Louisiana?"

"Went to Hell and lived," Charlie said as he looked at his ceiling with his right hand over hers and then let out a loud sigh.

"When you're ready to talk about it, I'm here."

"I know, and thanks."


February 1984

It rained non-stop for two weeks, it was an El-Nino Year in Southern California, all Charlie could do was duck beneath the awning of the outdoor hallways at school, since he'd lose his umbrella constantly.

Weeks ago, he celebrated Carrie's fourteenth birthday and was looking forward to turning fifteen.  One more year left, and I'm gonna get a car, Charlie thought about using Toby's car periodically.  But since Toby was almost a year ahead of him, he'd get first dibs driving it. As he walked by Mr. Wykowski's room, there was a different teacher in that room.

"He's been there for two weeks man, I don't think he's coming back," George commented to Charlie as moved his umbrella over both their heads.

"Maybe he's dying or something," Charlie said semi-sarcastically, oh I wish he'd fucking die, Charlie thought. A kid that Charlie never met before walked up to him and handed him an envelope addressed to him.

"What's with that?" George asked him.

"No bloody idea." The bell rang as Charlie looked at the dark sky and again at his brother.  "I gotta run, see you later?"

"Yeah, sure."

Charlie let out a sigh of relief, he looked at the envelope, he knew it was Mr Wykowski's handwriting, weird, I've never seen that kid before, Charlie thought as he tried to shrug it off as he went to class.

After class, he opened up the envelope, it definitely came from Wykowski, he wanted him to call him from a pay phone and arrange a meeting with him.  What's with the fucking cloak and dagger shit? Charlie knew he only had about ten minutes to get to a pay phone and make a phone call to the number listed in Wykowski's note.

Wykowski picked up after two rings, he wanted to pick him up someplace where he wouldn't be seen. "Go to the pharmacy section at the grocery store and and I'll find you," Mr Wykowski said before Charlie heard the dial tone.  The place was within walking distance from the school. 

After school, Charlie let George know that he was getting a ride home from school and that he needed to go to the public library for a short while.  I'm not going to the Library but the store's in the same shopping center, so I could end up there, Charlie rationalized inside his head.

Charlie went straight to the back of the store, towards the pharmacy section, and saw Wykowski looking at over the counter ibuprofen.  Charlie stood next to him and whispered, "What's with the bloody secrecy?"

"Wait for a few minutes after I leave.  Car's parked out int he back, it's unlocked, get in," Wykowski whispered as he handed him a ten dollar bill and over the counter aspirin for him to buy at the counter. 

Charlie walked around to several aisle, pretending to shop, then went up to the checkout and purchased the over the counter aspirin that was provided to him.  He looked at the sky, the rain stopped, pulled the hood of his sweatshirt over his head and went towards the back of the store.  Mr. Wykowsky's car was empty, Charlie got in and waited for him.

Wykowski got into the car, didn't make any eye contact with Charlie, started the car and drove off to points unknown. 

"What's this shit about?" Charlie asked him.

"We're picking someone up on the way," Wykowski remarked. "Did you call your dad and give him the cover story?"

"Yeah, the usual bullshit.  Look, I've been clean for months now and I really don't think this is a great idea..." Charlie tried to bargain his way out of whatever's going to happen.

"You got kicked out of rehab, heard about it through my sources.  So that guy really gave it to you didn't he?" Mr. Wykowski said to him as he pushed a button to lock all of the doors in the car.  "Sorry, for your safety."

"What's the fuck going on?"

"Stay quiet and you'll be fine."

He didn't like the sound of what he just said, his stomach started to turn, he had a bad feeling about this car ride with his former teacher.

Soon they were at some park almost a half hour away, Wykowski unlocks the doors and they both get out of the car, Charlie noticed that the sun finally came out as they both walk towards another car with a guy that had to be around the same age as his former teacher.

"Charlie, I'd like to introduce you to Sam. Sam, this is the kid I told you about," Wykowski introduced them.

"Get in the car," the man said in a creepy, raspy voice.

"No fucking way man, I don't know this bloke and you're asking me to get in the fucking car with him?" Charlie refused to get into the car with them.

"Get in the fucking car," Wykowski said to him slowly.

"No way," Charlie shook his head.

All of a sudden he faced the barrel of a gun by the driver of the car, he heard it cock and then his former teacher repeated himself again.

"I'll sit in the back with him," Wykowski grabbed Charlie's arm, opened the door on the driver's side as he shoved Charlie into the backseat.

"You should have blindfolded him, he can identify where we are," Sam, Mr Raspy said to Wykowski.

"You have a fucking blindfold on you? Look I don't think it's necessary to tie him up, this is just going to be a friendly conversation," Wykowski told his partner.

"There's nothing fucking friendly about this," Charlie said indignantly.

"Shut up!" Sam said as he pointed the gun at him.  "Here's some rope, tie him up so he can't fucking run." Wykowski grabbed several strands of rope.

"Sorry gotta do what he says," Wykowski apologized as he pulled Charlie's arms behind his back to tie a knot around his wrists. "It's not too tight?"

"It's feel bloody peachy," was the last snide remark that came out of his mouth before Wykowski put duct tape over it.

"I don't have anything to put over his eyes, so screw it," former teacher told his partner.

"Long as the kid stays quiet, I'm not going to complain too much."

They drove for another twenty minutes until they reached an apartment complex, the car drove into a carport as Sam got out of the car and pulled Charlie out with his hands tied behind his back.  He covered his arms with a handtowel as he walked him up stairs and into a large apartment that looked barely lived in.

"Untie him, remove the stupid tape.  You scream, You get beaten," Sam told both of them as Wykowski untied Charlie.  Charlie immediately took the duct tape off his mouth as Sam walked out of the living room.  Charlie sat down on the couch with Wykowski in a chair in front of him.

"What the bloody fuck is this?" Charlie asked him, pissed off.

"I'm sorry about all this, I can't be seen with you."

"So what?" Charlie asked him as he wondered why did that Sam leave the room for.

"If you haven't noticed, I'm not teaching at the school."

"Yeah, wondered about that."

"I've been fired."

"So you drove me across town with a gun pointed at me just to tell me that they've fired you?  Not that I'm surprised by this..."

"Stop being a smart-ass" Wykowski drew his hand up as if he was going to hit him then changed his mind.

"So are they arresting you?"

"I don't know, has anyone called you?"


"If anyone were to contact you, what are going to tell them?" The question came out of Sam's mouth, he had a menacing smile on his face.


He felt a hard slap on his face.

"No fucking marks on him," Wykowski told his partner as he pulled him away and then turned to Charlie, "If you say anything to the cops, trust me I'll make sure everyone knows about your little dirty secrets."

"Fair enough, can we go now?" Charlie really wanted to leave that dump, and besides, he had to be home by a certain time or he'd be in violation of his parole/probation.

"Not so fast," Sam said as he grabbed a leather belt.

"Sam, if we don't get him home on time, he'll get thrown in jail. Put the fucking thing down, he's not some eight year old you can just throw around the room for chrissakes," Wykowski argued with him.

The two men went into a far corner, whispered amongst themselves for a few minutes and then Wykowski came back with Sam's keys.

"I'll drop you off by your house, we'll talk in the car on the way," Wykowski said as he gently took Charlie's arm and walked him out the door.

"What's with that guy?" Charlie asked him.

"He's kind of a spook, sorry about that, he goes overboard. And by the way, we are not friends, he's a lot scarier if you know anything about him," Wykowski apologized as they were in Sam's car, with Charlie in the front this time.

"Are they arresting you?"

"I'm waiting to hear back from my attorney about it, but I think so. I'm just word to them, I'm going to make your life miserable," Wykowski's last word before dropping him off blocks away from his house.

Unfortunately this is the stopping point. Yes I know, this is leaving you hanging..and hopefully wanting more.. :)

Hopefully we'll have chapter 7 by Sunday.

--Michael & Alex Jr --
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