This has been x-posted in [ profile] plural_writers as Weekly Topic #2 - Three Words (write a 500 word story)

Charlie: Okay I'm going to jump into the world of uncertainty, pick three bloody words from my favorite fedora hat and write something semi-amusing.. :)

Michael: Originally Charlie was going to write this but I thought I'd do we both wrote this.


Three words

  1. Comb
  2. basketball
  3. Textbooks

Cody closed his eyes as he stood at the top of the steps, cars were parked at the curbside, and everything was completely still.  He tried to reach in his pocket for a cigarette but instead his comb went across his scalp.  He continued to meticulously comb his greased hair as he looked around nervously outside the high school doors.  Within thirty minutes, he heard kids laughing echo to the left of the school, so he walked down the steps to get a closer look.  He reached a basketball court, about seven kids playing, mostly boys from the junior high school across the street.  He heard a loud sound as he turned around to look, a blonde bombshell of a girl with long legs brushed by him accidentally.  She was holding quite a few textbooks and a large purse.  It was no surprise that her textbooks fell to the ground.

"Sorry," She apologized she barely made eye contact with Cody.

"You need help with that?" Cody asked her.

"No, it's okay. Thanks anyway," she said quietly and he thought it'd be the end of it. She fumbled for items in her purse and then spoke again, "My name's Stacey, what's yours?"

He was surprised by her introducing herself, cleared his throat and said, "Cody, I'm waiting for someone for the bell to ring, I guess."

"Waiting for your girlfriend?"

"Err, younger brother," He swallowed hard and then continued, "I don't have a girlfriend."

"My sister's kind of a pain too, I'm waiting for her too.  So, you hang out around here much?" She asked him as she bit her lip.

"Yeah, I go to Morty's a lot, maybe I'll run into you there."

The bell rang, Cody turned around and looked at her.

"Give me your arm," She asked him before he held out his arm and then she wrote her phone number with a marker across it. "Give me a call sometime, maybe we could hang out at Morty's".

"Yeah, I'd like that," He walked away in disbelief, not sure if he heard or believed what just happened.  He pulled out his comb again, fixed his hair and went back to the high school double door for his younger brother, Aaron to come outside.

Aaron kept dropping his textbooks as he walked out of the double doors, what a klutz, Cody thought.  Mom really needs to make him take his backpack to school.

"So straight home then?" Cody asked Aaron.

"I was wondering if you could drop me off at Steve's place, I promise to be home by 7," Aaron pleaded with his brother.

"I don't want you to get into trouble with dad," Cody said, shaking his head as he walked his brother out to his '65 mustang convertible.  At the corner of his eye, Cody noticed Stacey watched them from across the street as she walked to her car with her sister.

"You are so staring at her!" Aaron shouted from inside the car.

"Stop being a fucking retard and turn down the radio, I'm gonna have a cigarette," Cody mumbled as he drove out of his spot past Stacey's Honda Civic before he lit up his cigarette.

I hope everyone enjoyed reading this

& Charlie

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