Well, as promised here's Chapter 5, I think I've already warned folks about this next one. I spent some time with Charlie about this entry after myself & Carrie finished writing it. I still stand by not censuring it, and it's not as bad as Charlie thinks it is. And well, you'll understand why - this is being included as part of the storytelling as we go on. (there are no accidents in verseworld)

FYI - if you're wondering if all of the sex in this series will be consensual, um...no - I'll try not to make that stuff graphic when the time comes. That stuff isn't triggering to me, however it tends to be triggering to Alex, but he's actually gone through this process in his own verse (and trust me it's far more severe than what this'll ever be).

As always - I'll provide links to the previous four chapters:

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I'll put this behind cuts as usual and um...read at your own discretion.


Spring 1983
Mountain Well Center

Charlie sat by the lake at the mountain facility where he's been for almost six months and felt ready to head home. He'd been expecting his roommate, Jason to meet him so they could go for their walk. Charlie walked over to the designated smoking area to light up a cigarette, it was unseasonably warm for May in the mountains.

"Ready?" Charlie heard Jason's voice from behind him as Charlie turned around. "You have a cig I could bum off you?" Jason asked him. Jason was at least a head taller than Charlie, long skinny legs and curly hair. They really hit it off when Jason moved into his room, even though he was a few years ahead of him.

"So, where to this time?" Charlie asked him. Jason pointed to a small peak behind to the right of the lake. "So this time you'll have your compass with you, no getting lost." Charlie laughed, Jason was the most directionally challenged person he's met.

"Did you get pictures of your parent's wedding?" Jason asked him as they walked around the lake towards the tall evergreen trees.

"Yeah, I'll show them when we get back. I dunno why they bloody got married for. I think it's a colossal mistake, they've been engaged once before. I mean why can they just shack up for chrissake? I don't fucking care," Charlie's take on his parents wedding a month ago.

A lot had happened since Charlie's been to Rehab, his biological parents; Jack and Claire tied the knot and with another kid on the way. He doesn't need more fricking kids, Charlie thought as he climbed up a short hill behind Jason. Once they were within the heavily wooded area a ways from the lake, they both stop walking.

"It's a fire hazard, no more cigarettes until we get back," Charlie remarked as he looked up at the sunlight poking through the trees.

"So did they come up for your birthday?" Jason asked Charlie.

"Yeah, my birthday was in March, before you came." Charlie thought about how nice it was to sleep in his own bed on his fourteenth birthday, since they allowed him to go home the weekend before. His stays home would last longer and longer, he'd hoped that he'd be back permanently summertime.

"Hey, you still have a couple of years before you can drive eh?"

"Don't bloody rub it in, I'm surprised they'll let you have one."

"My parents aren't gonna let me. Where you wanna go?" Jason asked him but Charlie knew what Jason wanted to do.

"Let's wait until tonight, if we get caught, they'll call our parents."

"It's not like we're gonna start using man, they're not gonna kick us out for it. Besides, everyone hooks up with someone they've met from rehab." Jason said before he planted Charlie a kiss. Charlie felt paranoid, he didn't want to get caught fucking around with Jason so he pushed him away.

"C'mon, what's with you today?"

"Might be in the mood tonight, just not right now," Charlie said as the noise of birds distracted him. "Is there a really awesome cliff off that way?"

"Yeah, you wanna go?" Jason asked him and then Charlie nodded. They spent the next hour hiking towards one of the cliffs that overlooked the lake. Charlie spotted a wooden bench near some shrubbery by the cliff and sat down.

"This is bloody nice, should have brought my camera with me," Charlie remarked, catching his breath.

"We could in a few days if the weather keeps up. What you think they'll be serving for dinner tonight?

"Same old shit. Ready to hike down?"


They spent the afternoon in group therapy, and had dinner together with the rest of the patients. As usual when it was time to go to bed, after the staff finished doing their bed-checks, Charlie climbed into Jason's bed.

"So, you in the mood?" Jason asked him.

"I dunno," Charlie said with a wooden voice, without any emotion. Jason's body snuggled against Charlie's, as he felt his hands around his waist. Charlie just wasn't into it that night, he didn't reciprocate much to Jason's kissing of his neck as he felt Jason's hands down his pants, around his cock.

He didn't enjoy the sex


Wesley was an orderly that Charlie had his eyes on at the Wellness Facility for a few weeks now. Wesley couldn't be younger than eighteen and no older than twenty-one, just the same, Charlie couldn't stop thinking about him. One weekend, Jason went home and Charlie stayed there, because his parents were busy at some family function. The orderlies rotated taking weekend shifts, and this was Wesley's weekend there.

"Could I bum one off you?" Wesley asked Charlie as he lit up a cigarette. Charlie was more than happy Wesley one. Wesley had magnetic dark eyes, hair covered his face and a tight ass to boot. "Not going home this weekend?"

"Nope, my parents are kinda busy this weekend. You got stuck with the weekend rotation eh?" Charlie asked him as he lit Wesley's cigarette with his lighter.

"Yeah, but it's usually pretty quiet because a lot of folks are home or their family's here with them. They don't have a lot scheduled usually, except for family group therapy and I'm not working those rounds. Clean up, do bed-checks that kind of shit. You're gonna be leaving this dump soon aren't you?"

"Before school starts, what they keep telling me," Charlie said as he finishes his cigarette and then smiled at Wesley.

"You plan to do some reading time later? I'll stop by your room. I gotta head back to my rounds, later," Wesley commented before he left the designated smoking area. Charlie's heart raced after hearing the I'll stop by your room comment from Wesley. He started looking forward to seeing him later.

The rest of his Saturday was pretty quiet, he did some homework for his schooling there, some recreational reading and socialized with other kids his age staying there.

That evening, some time after dinner, he spent some time in his room reading until he heard a knock on his door. It was Wesley, checking up on him.

"Doing bed-checks?" Charlie asked him.

"Naw, not yet. I'm kind of on break right now and wanted to see what you're up to," Wesley started with the small talk as Charlie became nervous. "So, you miss having Jason around?"

"He's kind of annoying sometimes, so no, not really."

"So, um.." Wesley looked around the room and behind him. He then closed the door and locked it from the outside and then turned around to face Charlie. "So, you sleep in his bed or he comes to yours?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," Charlie lied to him with his heart beating faster and Wesley's body getting closer to his. Wesley sat down at the edge of Charlie's bed with Charlie sitting upright.

"I know the way you look at me," Wesley commented as he licked his lips. "You know I can so get fired for this, but I've been wanting to for the longest time..."

Charlie couldn't stand the suspense and took the plunge as he kissed Wesley. When the kiss was over, he felt the bulge pants get harder as his pants felt tighter.

"So are you fired now?" Charlie asked him.

"Not if you keep your mouth shut," Wesley responded as he gave him a kiss, as Charlie's hands went towards his waist. Charlie got off his bed with Wesley sitting up, pants down to his ankles. Charlie never thought he'd look at a more beautiful cock than Wesley's, he enjoyed hearing Wesley heavy breathing as he felt his cock towards this throat.

Once Wesley was satisfied with Charlie's mouth, he motioned for Charlie to stand up and lean against his bedroom wall, his pants now down to his ankles. Wesley quickly shoved his hard cock inside him, Charlie tried to keep himself quiet until Wesley put a sock in his mouth and pushed him onto his bed.

"You like my cock?" Wesley teased him as he rode him hard.

All Charlie could do was give out muffled "umm..eeehhssffuuccckkk" with the sock still in his mouth until his legs couldn't convulse any longer. He knew that Wesley was finished with him, as his hand stroked his cock hard, as he pulled away from Charlie's body as he ejaculated. Charlie kept his hand on his own cock as he pulled the sock out of his mouth as he came.

"Fucking shit," Charlie said as he watched Wesley put his pants back on and straighten out his clothing.

"Sorry that I gotta run, but if I don't get back to doing rounds, they'll ask questions," Wesley apologized to him.

Charlie was on top of his bed, his breathing and heartrate still elevated as he waved his hand in the air. I don't care if he never fucks me again, his cock is a god, Charlie thought to himself as he started to relax. He looked at the clock, knew it'd be at least another hour before they start doing bed-checks. He still felt extremely horny, he then pulled the sheets over himself, and finished masturbating until he fell asleep.

When he came to in the morning, he was extremely awake and felt unproductive for some reason, so he decided to go for a jog around the grounds. He did see Wesley briefly that morning, said hello to him in his soft voice, as he looked at the ground. He enjoyed the thought of knowing that they had sex the previous night, but ashamed that he could get Wesley fired over a one night stand.

It was fucking worth it, Charlie thought as he started his jog.


Second Tuesday afternoon
June 1983

Charlie was called into the counselor's office, and it seemed urgent but no one could tell him why. He was in Dr Ratmer's office, with Dr Henry Weissler also in the room with them. He knew that something was wrong, something bad happened. Dr. Weissler spoke first.

"I'm just going to cut to the chase, because I don't like dancing around these things," Dr. Weissler gave out a deep breath in between sentences, "It has come to my attention that one of our orderlies here has been sexually intimate with several patients here. You have been doing well here, and I expect you will be expected to continue your journey as an outpatient, however with these recent allegations against this orderly, your name came up."

Oh fuck, I'm such fucking trouble now, Charlie was petrified of them calling his parents or having to talk to the police. He knew they were referring to Wesley, and since he was underage and Wesley was definitely an adult, someone will at some point call the cops.

Dr. Ratmer spoke next, "You will not get into trouble for telling me if you did indeed have intimate relations with this orderly. This will or should not affect your scheduled release date unless-" she was cut off by Dr. Weissler.

"The alleged individual offered you drugs in exchange for sexual favors."

"What the fuck? Are you accusing me or him?" Charlie asked indignantly to both doctors.

"He already admitted to being sexual with you," Dr. Ratmer answered calmly. "I'm sorry to say that we will need to call your parents, and more than likely you'll get an early release and go home."

Charlie was speechless, he didn't know what to say, what to do, he knew that if his probation officer was to find out about any sexual misconduct, he may face jail time.

"We have fired the orderly in question. Once your parents arrive, it's up to your parents if they want to press charges," Dr Ratmer continued talking. "They'll be here in a few hours, so I suggest you start packing your things."

Fuck them, they're bloody throwing me out so they wouldn't get their asses sued? Charlie thought to himself angrily while being escorted to his room so he could pack. Jason watched him pack and he wasn't allowed to say one word to why he had to leave. People from out in the hallway walked by, and stared at him. Oh shit, everyone fucking knows about this, why don't you pin WHORE on my back, Charlie continued getting angrier by the minute as he threw more things into his suitcase.

Two hours later, he met with his parents inside of Dr. Ratmer's office, looked like they've already been briefed by his doctor by the looks on their faces. Charlie stayed quiet the entire walk to their car as he loaded his things into their trunk.

Once he was home, he tried to cry himself to sleep.

His dad came into his room, sat at the edge of his bed, "If you want us to call the cops and press charges, I'll do it. If you'd rather I sue their asses, let me know." He could tell by the tone of his dad's voice, that he was pissed off.

"I'm sorry," the only words that managed to come out of his mouth, as the tears streamed down his face.

"Why are you apologizing, you didn't do anything wrong. This orderly apparently did this to 3-5 other boys and got his ass caught."


"Stop blaming yourself, he's an adult and knew what he was doing. Look, I know that right now, you just want to crawl into a big ball, until it goes away. I want you to know, no matter how you may have felt about this guy, if you liked him or not, I don't care; you didn't bring this on yourself. He took advantage of you, and you need to believe that."

Charlie never forgot his father's words before he fell asleep, because he was going to hear it again.

More than once.

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From: [identity profile] snowylynx.livejournal.com

Aw poor Charlie, things just keeping going from bad to worse for the poor boy. It was interesting reading this, I can't wait for the next part to come out even if it won't be for awhile.


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Jebus, that wouldn't be pleasant. Seems like things go from bad to Crapsack.

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