Here's Chapter 3 of Charlie's headspace series, I really don't know how many folks have been reading this at all (haven't received any comments to the effect) I'm just thinking that everyone's busy from the holiday hangover and all.

But here it is - I'll put this behind a cut - it's about 6 pages (copying & pasting this from microsoft word)

I think Chapter 4 the intensity will probably go up a few notches and that's when the gaps start (Charlie was fronting more and I was fronting less)

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Fall of 1982
C.V Junior High School
8th Grade

Charlie opened up the locker he shared with Carrie, to find that his algebra book was missing.  He then opened up his original locker, and nothing.

"I have it right here, so don't have a complete cow," Carrie's voice came from behind him, "I was in a hurry this morning and pulled it out by mistake.  I didn't have my book for my science class so I was clueless to what went on in class."

She pulled out his algebra book out of her backpack before he put it inside his.  He wanted to talk to her, but he knew they'll be late for their next class, which they both shared together.

He started to look gaunt again, and Carrie was worried about him, the circle under his eyes started becoming prominent again.  Only good thing was that his old British accent came back completely and whatever slang he'd remember, he'd use.  He'd been back for months and didn't have many friends, he hung out with Carrie and his brother for the most part.

They shared U.S. History class together, it was a hard class, but they often broke up into groups for discussions, no doubt that he and Carrie became study buddies.  There was another girl in the class he seemed to really like, her name was Stephanie but she preferred the name Stevie.  She could outrun most boys at the school especially him, but she wore denim skirts and heels, so she was definitely girly.  She and Carrie were good friends, which was how they were introduced

Whatever friends he did make – were mostly girls, he just felt more comfortable around them.  He knew that Carrie was fond of him, at times like an older sister, very protective and other times he got the sense it was more than friendship. He decided to not pursue her as a girlfriend, but wait for at least another year.  Lunchtime was his favorite time of the day; he'd sit with Stevie and Carrie and occasionally George and Trisha too.  That day, it was George, Trisha, Carrie, Stevie and Charlie at the same lunch table.

"So, they put you back one grade?" Stevie asked Charlie.

"Yeah, I missed too much school when I lived in Orleans," Charlie answered her question with traces of a New Orleans accent and then switched back to his usual dull British accent. "I was sick at a lot and became a punching back for what's-his-name, so I was out a lot."

His last sentence forced Carrie to turn her head, it was the first time he's ever mentioned the physical abuse by his step-dad.  She recently heard that they've located his mother, at a women's shelter in Oklahoma and that she was headed back here soon.  She heard this while at Michael's house, whispered conversations between his mother and her sisters on the phone.

Something unusual happened, Michael and his twin brother John came by and joined the rest of the group.  Michael and John, identical twins didn't socialize much with other family members at school, so this was a rare day indeed.

"Mind us sitting with you guys?"  Michael asked the group until Charlie nodded as he made room at the table for his two second cousins.

Not only Michael & John were identical twins there were also brothers to two twin sisters, Wendy & Mary (both identical with one another).  They were actually two sets of identical twins; technically they're quadruplets. Michael had on occasion talked about how Mary would use the fact she was five minutes older than he and John to win arguments.

"I've been hearing weird rumors that everyone in the family's gonna buy the entire block of houses where your dad lives.  Kind of make the neighborhood one large family compound or something," Michael joked, but there was seriousness in what he told the group of kids at the table after being introduced to Stevie.  Michael's girlfriend Daisy waved over to the group and then Michael asked, "You have room for one more?"  Then he saw Charlie nod.  He knew that Charlie didn't like being surrounded by too many people, so he thought It'd be nice to ask him for permission first.

Daisy sat down with the group, her looks were paralleled with Stevie's, plus they wore similar outfits to school.  They seemed to click for some reason and ended up in their own separate conversations throughout lunch. Now the table was populated by Michael & John, George & Trisha, Daisy, Carrie, Stevie and Charlie.

"So, I hear that your family's buying out the entire neighborhood," Daisy said as she giggled.

"That's the bloody joke.  I guess since Dad's ex moved next door, everyone's getting strange ideas," Charlie said as he chuckled, but he knew that the entire idea was completely serious.  He'd heard talk by Irene – kind of the family matriarch and Michael's mother that she was interested in moving to the same cul de sac his street was on.  Irene, his great aunt, was one of 5 quintuplets sisters, her twin Lisa is his paternal grandmother.  "I suppose we'll get dragged into a family meeting, when it's decided."

Charlie looked around the table and didn't realize he had so many friends, but almost everyone's fucking related, so it doesn't count, Charlie thought to himself.  Carrie, Daisy & Stevie had their own conversation going with Charlie and Michael talking. Michael talked about everyone meeting at Max's, which was a popular diner/hangout for kids one day after school. It'll be a fucking family reunion invading the place, Charlie kept thinking about everyone showing up there.

Charlie couldn't wait until school was out for the day, he and Carrie shared the last class together, which was English with Mr. Wykowski.

"Could I have a word with you for a few minutes after class?"  The tall and blond Mr Wykowski asked Charlie as the class started disembarking.

"Can't stay for long, don't want to miss my ride," Charlie's response as he glanced at Carrie before he waved good-bye to her for the day.

"Shouldn't take longer than 10 minutes," his teacher replied as he looked at a stack of papers on his desk.  "I'll call you dad personally to explain why you missed your ride and give you one home if necessary."

As Charlie sat down at a chair next to the teacher's desk, Mr Wykowski got up, and locked the front and back door.  Charlie suddenly had an ominous knot in his stomach and really wanted to leave the room.

"What do you want from me?" Charlie asked him.

Meanwhile, outside Carrie waited for Charlie's dad to pick them up, instead she saw Michael's oldest brother Billy pull up in his big black car.

"Sorry, family situation and Jack couldn't make it, he tried calling your mom and couldn't reach her.  Where's Charlie?" Billy asked her.

"He had to stay after class for a while.  I dunno if we should wait for him or not, Mr Wykowski might give him a ride home or something," Carrie responded as she climbed into the passenger seat of Billy's car.  Lately Charlie's been staying behind in Mr. Wykowski's class, and there was something creepy about the teacher and she could never figure out why. 

"We oughta wait for a bit.  I'll park the car. If we don't hear anything – in 15 minutes, we'll get him outta there.  I don't want him violating his probation because his asshole teacher or anything," Billy said.  Billy was Michael's eldest brother and been in jail several times.  He kept fidgeting with his wedding ring, Carrie knew that he was divorcing, must be tough on his girls, Carrie thought about his two daughters.  Billy also wasn't afraid to swear around her, even when she was a kid, he liked being the black sheep.

A few minutes later, Carrie sees Charlie walk to the front of the pick up area, Carrie then got out of the car.  Somethings wrong, Carrie thought to herself, something about the way he looked, just didn't look right.  Charlie approached the car, jumped into the back seat and said quickly, "Get me the fuck away from here." Carrie could hear his heavy breathing and gasping.

"Are you okay?" Billy asked him.

"It'll be fine when I get home.  How come you were sent over?"  Charlie asked Billy.

"Family situation came up.  I'm kind of sworn to secrecy, promised your dad I wouldn't give you any hints or anything," Billy's reply as he drove away from the school.  "Sorry Carrie, gotta drop you off first."  Billy looked at her as she nodded her head.

"So it's not bad news."

"Neither, well I dunno, depends on how you take the news I pose," Billy's last remark before Carrie was dropped off.

There was a red 1966 mustang parked in the driveway as Billy dropped him off.

"Fucking A, that's an awesome car," Billy remarked as he waved to Charlie good-bye.

When Charlie came inside he house he immediately went to the family room, he saw several suitcases in the corner and a boy, probably a year older, sitting on the couch.  His dad sat in his big chair, looked up as Charlie put down his backpack.

"Sorry about the cloak and dagger stuff.  I'd like to introduce you to your older brother, Toby," Jack announced.

There goes the bloody neighborhood again, Charlie thought.  How many girls did he fuck when he was like, 14, Charlie thought about his dad.  George and Trisha arrived a few minutes later, jaws to the floor after another round of introductions.

"So how many girlfriends did you have?"  George asked his dad loudly before Charlie gave him a dirty look. "No offense, but um…how many kids do you have we don't know about?"  George was definitely very upset with him storming off to upstairs.

"He'll get over it, all the family changes have been kind of upsetting to him lately," Trisha explained.

Family changes? You're not bloody referring to me are you? Charlie thought to himself as he shot a glance at his sister.

"Toby, welcome to our lovely dysfunctional family, if you excuse me, I'm going to head upstairs," Charlie said as he gave his sister another stare before heading upstairs.

He sat on top of his bed, not feeling well before he heard the knock on his door from his dad.

"I don't think he was talking about you," Jack remarked.

"We've always been like the only official illegitimate kids you've had and then to find out you have more in the woodwork has to be a big shock to him.  I'm sure he wasn't happy about me coming back," Charlie remarked.

"You don't like the upheaval, once you're used to something…"

"Yeah, that mostly.  So, um…that car in the driveway…it's his?"  Charlie asked him.

"His Mom's, she's next door with Lynne right now. Toby's just going to hang out here for a couple of weekends, he's not moving in.  I think they're looking to rent a house in this neighborhood," Jack said and then Charlie let out a loud groan. "What's that about?"

"Been hearing rumors that Irene's going to buy out the entire block for everyone or something."

"Oh yeah that, that's not a new rumor, she talked about it a lot while you were away.  Just that the house at the cul de sac's up for sale, and since it's a large house with some land to it and an extra room above the garage, she wants to take it.  Besides, with Billy's pending divorce, I think she wants a place that he and the girls could stay over on the weekends.  I think she wants to keep everyone close by. Don't worry, I don't think your grandparents plan to move into the neighborhood, I'd like my parents where they are right now.  Don't worry about Toby, he's just going to be here for a week or two at most, until his mum gets them squared away."

"Kay," Charlie agreed as Jack saw he was feeling better about things. Jack left the room and then Charlie started on his homework.  He wasn't feeling well especially from being in Mr. Wykowski's room after school.  He didn't want to think about it anymore, he just wanted to go to sleep

Following Monday
After School
Mr Wykowski's House

"Look I'd rather get tutoring from another student, no offense," Charlie was adamantly in saying no to Mr. Wykowski.

"I strongly, Strongly recommend that you spend at least twice a week here to get the extra help.  In fact if you don't –" Mr Wykowski's tall body towered over Charlie's as he sat on the couch.

"So, is this what it's come down to, threats?" Charlie shouted louder.

"No, I'm just saying that if you don't pull up your grades," Mr Wykowski started to raise his voice and then calmed down and continued talking, "It's not going to reflect well with your probation officer.  You want to get off probation early don't you?
"You know this is really none of your fucking business," Charlie said as he got up before Mr. Wykowski pushed him back on the couch.

"I could always do some show and tell for the class if you don't cooperate."

"Fuck off."

"What are you going to do about it? Cal the cops? You already have a record."

"I’m going home.  There's nothing to talk about," Charlie said as he broke free from his teacher's grasp to his front door.  Mr Wykowski's hands grabbed his arm. "Don't you fucking touch me again."

"Think about my offer, and um, don't forget this," Mr Wykowski handed him a small paper bag as Charlie was out his teacher's front door.

Charlie put the bag into his backpack and got on his bike, headed for home.  He was pissed off at him, and really wanted to punch out several walls.  He made a stop, pulled his bike near some bushes and went behind them to take a look at what was inside the bag.  He knew it had to be drugs, what else could he tempt him with.

He was right.

Well did this leave you dangling? I hope it did..until next installment.. :)




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